Planning & Neighborhood Services


Planning, zoning, community development, code enforcement and minimum housing are all managed from this office.


The Planning and Neighborhood Services Department was created to assist communities with formulating plans and policies to encourage orderly growth and revitalization of the City while preserving the quality of life for its citizens. The Department is responsible for enforcing and maintaining the standards and procedures for the development of land within the City and its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). These policies are addressed in the City's Land Use Ordinance - Chapter 35 of the City of Lumberton's Code of Ordinances.

Some of the functions that the Planning and Neighborhood Services Department are responsible for include:

  • Zoning classification and subdivision regulations
  • Issue and process rezoning petitions, rezoning appeals and variances
  • Maintain and update the zoning ordinance and official zoning map
  • Review and process sign permit applications
  • Process annexation petitions
  • Development site plan review
  • Review and process conditional use permit applications
  • Manage the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance and interpret FEMA flood maps
  • Assign physical addresses within the City limits
  • Issue land use permits
  • Interpret building setbacks and density/dimensional regulations
  • Applying for and administering various housing and infrastructure grants
  • Investigate and address minimum housing situations

Additional Information

Along with these responsibilities, the Planning and Neighborhood Services Department continues to offer excellent customer service and serves as a point of contact for many other departments within the City. Please feel free to use our website to access the City's Code of Ordinances, applications, meeting schedules and other pertinent information to assist you with your development needs within our City.

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