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Alarm Ordinance & Registration Form

  1. In accordance with the requirements of Section 18-82 of the Code of the City of Lumberton, North Carolina, the hereinafter listed alarm system operating within the corporate limits of the City of Lumberton is registered with the Lumberton Communications Department by the subscriber of the system. A subscriber means any person, firm, corporation or partnership owning or leasing an alarm system, or on whose premises an alarm system is maintained for the protection of such premises or property.
  2. Name and telephone number of at least two (2) persons who have agreed to receive twenty-four (24) hour notification of the alarm, and who have agreed to come to the alarm site within fifteen (15) minutes after receiving request from the City or monitoring agency and grant key access to the alarm site and deactivate the alarm system:
  3. Any changes of the above information shall be made to the Communications Department within 72 hours of the time the change is made, at 910-671-3888.
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