Utilities & Rates

Rate Information & Available Services

Lumberton offers the following utility services to our customers:

  • Electric
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Garbage
  • Storm water
  • Off-street security lighting

Other services include Automated Bank Draft, Equal Payment Plan (EPP), and Medical Alert Programs. For more information contact Mae Hammonds.

EPP Program


Lumberton’s electric power distribution system provides electrical service to approximately 12,000 customers. The concentrated service area allows for dependable and professional service. For more information contact Nikki Lowery-Locklear

Electric Rate Schedule (Residential and Commercial)

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Water & Sewer

Lumberton's water plant has capacity of 16 MGD and can easily be expanded to a capacity of 32 MGD. On average the water plant produces 5 MGD. The city's wastewater plant has a capacity to treat 20 MGD. An average of 5.5 MGD is treated, which includes infiltration of groundwater. For more information contact Corey Walters.

Workers Overlooking Machine Digging


Refuse collection is available to all residential and commercial customers located in the historical downtown district. For more information contact Debi Seaman.  

Garbage Truck and Worker

Security Lighting

Security lighting is available to city customers for a nominal monthly charge. Lighting units will be bracket mounted on city-owned poles. Prices vary. For more information contact Johnny Wilkins