Investigative Division

Division Members

Division members include:
  • Investigative Division Commander
  • Detective Lieutenant 
  • 8 criminal investigators
  • 2 crime scene investigators
  • 4 drug investigators
  • Detective sergeant juvenile investigator
  • 2 Juvenile investigators
  • 7 school resource officers
  • 5 school crossing guards

Criminal Investigator Responsibilities

Investigative Division Commander Responsibilities

  • Supervises Division personnel
  • Reviews and assigns cases to personnel
  • Prepares daily schedules
  • Performs short-term and long-term planning to better serve the citizens, visitors, and businesses of the City
  • Prepares required reports for city council 

Lieutenant Investigative Supervisor

  • Supervises all division personnel 
  • Reviews, works, and helps assign cases
  • Performs audits on evidence room
  • Reviews divisions' court orders and search warrants
  • Supports staff on serious incidents 

Criminal Investigator Responsibilities

  • Works cases assigned by supervisor, which includes processing, interviewing, completing required reports, conducting follow-ups, indicting at the Local Court System level, and prosecuting criminals.

Crime Scene Investigator Responsibilities

  • Process crime scenes, collects evidence
  • Stores evidence, and recovered stolen property
  • Examine and compare fingerprints, prepare evidence for trial presentation

Juvenile Division Responsibilities

Detective Sergeant Juvenile Investigator

  • Supervises Juvenile Division personnel, including School Resource Officers, and School Crossing Guards
  • Reviews, works, and assigns cases to personnel
  • Prepares required reports for Public Schools of Robeson County and the Finance Director
  • Teaches drug and resistance education and gang resistance education and training curriculum, lectures on child safety, manages child fingerprinting identification card program, administers voice analysis for sworn personnel as requested, and is visible in civic and community events

Juvenile Detective Responsibilities

  • Teaches drug and resistance education, which entails designing a PowerPoint presentation and prepares lesson plans for gang resistance education and training curriculum
  • Works cases assigned by supervisor, which includes processing, interviewing, completing required reports, conducting follow-ups, indicting at the Local Court System level, and prosecuting criminals
  • Processes paperwork involving juvenile offenders for other officers in the department

School Resource Officer Responsibilities

  • Assigned to 1 of 3 schools:
    • Lumberton High School - 3 Officers
    • Lumberton Junior High School - 1 Officer
    • Gilbert Carroll Middle School - 1 Officer
    • All Lumberton City Elementary Schools - 2 Officers 
      • Lumberton High School has 2100 students and 150 faculty members. Lumberton Junior High School has 900 students and 50 plus faculty members. Gilbert Carroll Middle School has 700 students and 50 plus faculty members
  • Assist the school administrator in preventing violence and maintaining a safe campus
  • Report and investigate school related criminal offenses by students
  • Provide assistance in implementing the school crisis plan when necessary
  • Enforce and abide by applicable State and Federal Laws and School Board Policies not inconsistent therewith
  • Deliver drug and safety education programs daily in the classroom
  • Interact one on one with the students
  • Establish trust with the students
  • Establish outlets for students to participate in peer mediation and conflict resolution needs with students
  • Provide deterrence to drug and violent activity by physical presence
  • Involve known offenders in program activities to attempt to change attitudes concerning illegal and violent activities
  • Receive daily reports from school principal as to suspensions, in school detention, and other major disciplinary actions to conduct follow-ups with students and other involved parties
  • Confer with teachers on a daily basis to gauge effectiveness and to identify potential conflicts and to identify any problems with students and the program
  • Performs follow-up with parents or guardians as to juvenile behavior, attitudes, and problems. Advise them of potential problems with juveniles due to present attitudes and to solicit their help in helping the juvenile avoid legal actions
  • Assist in case preparation for juvenile case or handle case, if appropriate
  • Keep accurate records of programs and cases and prepare reports for juvenile division
  • Act accordingly on information regarding illegal activity. While it is realized that the resource officer is not a security person, his/her being a sworn officer places him/her in the position of having to act on information and attempt to thwart criminal activity. In this, attempt to identify persons involved in their illegal activity and involve them in the program
  • Establish himself/herself as a credible source of trust and knowledge to encourage participation.

School Crossing Guards Responsibilities

  • Assigned to 1 of 4 elementary schools:
    • Tanglewood Elementary - 1 Crossing Guard
    • Rowland Norment Elementary - 2 Crossing Guards
    • J.C. Hargrave Elementary - 1 Crossing Guard
    • Knuckles Elementary - 1 Crossing Guard
  • Monitors traffic as elementary school age children cross the street

Narcotics Division Responsibilities

Drug Investigator Responsibilities

  • Organizes special undercover operations involving drug trafficking, solicitation of prostitution, conducts drug raids, reviews, maintains, and approves all ABC permits
  • Maintains intelligence on persons suspected of being involved in drug activity, works closely with agents from the State Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, and other local law enforcement agencies.