Emergency Services Department

The Communications Division can be found in City Hall at 500 N. Cedar Street. The 911 Center is operated 24/7 with four rotating shifts.

Each shift consists of one call-taker and two Telecommunicators who are responsible for all City E911 calls, administrative line calls, and radio traffic from all City Departments. Lumberton Fire Department, Lumberton Police Department, Robeson EMS and Lumberton Rescue are dispatched through the 911 Center.

The Lumberton Communications Division dispatches emergency and non-emergency calls. Emergency medical calls are dispatched using EMD (Enmergency medical Dispatch) protocols.
All Telecommunicators are certified by State and National standards to use the Medical Priority Dispatch system, which is computer based. The MPDS consists of 33 common illnesses and problems and the caller is asked a list of scripted questions to determine the priority of the call. This is then dispatched to EMS personnel. Lumberton Telecommunicators also are trained to stay on the line with the called to assist in CPR, bleeding control, childbirth and many other things. This has proved to be an invaluable resource to the citizens of Lumberton.

The Director of Emergency Services is responsible for the overall operation of the 911 Center, and his Assistant Director assists in monitoring services, quality assurance for the EMD program, daily shift operations, and also mans the center if required. There is also a CAD )Computer Aided Dispatch) Specialist who maintains the software programs that are vital to the operation of the center.

The CAD Specialist is also responsible for the burglar and fire alarm logs and tracks false alarms in an effort to reduce the number of unnecessary responses by Police and Fire units.

The Center serves as the location for the City's EOC (Emergency Operations Center) during natural and man-made disasters. In 2018, Lumberton Communications answered over 130,000 calls, both administrative and emergency. 58,000 of them were 911 calls.